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Nut-Free Cookies

Battling nut allergies?

​No worries. Have a delicious nut-free cookie to cheer you up.

Oatmeal Cookies
Vegan Cookies

Need a tasty vegan cookie?

Look no further...Satisfy your taste buds with our vegan delicacies that made without gluten,dairy,soy or nuts!

About Us

The Cookie Crave has a unique ability to deliver delicious cookies that just happen to be an ideal option for consumers with ‘nut-allergies’ and also vegan consumers. We are known for our delicious taste, but with a healthy twist.


I don't even have a sweet tooth but I couldn't stop eating these cookies. The banana is out of this world. Great products and great people.

Mike P.

•  Ensure there is no trace of nuts in our production process that could trigger our customer’s allergies.

•  Give our customers the opportunity to enjoy cookies without taking a devastating risk.


•  Ensure others have easy access to delicious nut-free cookies

and vegan cookies.

•  Utilizing a baking facility with a specific bakery area where nuts are completely absent.

•  Vegan Cookies are also produced in a  separate baking area where Gluten, Diary, Nuts and Soy are absent. 

•  Our cleaning procedures are substantial for proper disinfection.

•  Suppliers who provide our ingredients are thoroughly researched to ensure ingredients are nut-free.

•  Our owner physically samples the product prior to selling. We lead by example and assume the risk.

What We Value:

Customer Satisfaction






Our motivation
  • Our customers are our motivation and inspiration. Living the same struggles as our customers and connecting with their appreciation helps us continue fulfilling this void in the market.

  • We feel as though we are really making a difference and truly doing something for others.

  • Our customers not only get a quality cookie, they become part of our family. When our customer leave, they experience quality and care, because we do…

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