The Crave Story

          made with love

from our family to yours

• The Cookie Crave is woman owned and black owned business that started due to the owners severe nut allergies and her son's gluten and dairy intolerance.

•Our facility is completely Nut Free.

•Everything is made from scratch

What can you expect

from our cookies?

more than just delicious!

• Fresh, natural, and real ingredients

• Soft, moist, with bursts of amazing flavors

• Moist, full of flavor, soft, chewy, natural flavor vs imitations.     Real stuff and fresh

• Incorporating fruit and savory flavors in cookies.

• Undeniably large

• Our cookies extend beyond the typical good cookie. We offer a healthy twist for those that struggle with allergies or live a vegan lifestyle.

• For those who want a tasty cookie, but not the harmful allergic reaction - We offer delicious nut-free and vegan cookie lines.

• We appeal to our customers because we share the same allergy frustrations and still want a delicious cookie without the risk of cross contamination.