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The Cookie Crave is a dedicated nut free bakery located in Denton, Texas serving delicious gourmet nut free cookies and yummy vegan cookies that are gluten, dairy, nut and soy free.

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 We offer Cookie Cakes in both nut free flavors and vegan flavors, to order a cookie cake call us today!


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Sunday - Monday

Tuesday - Thursday

Friday - Saturday


10 AM - 6 PM

11 AM -  7 PM

519 Locust St, Denton, TX 76201

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Our process is thorough and designed to ensure our cookies are of good quality ingredients and delicious! We strive to ensure that there is no trace of nuts in our bakery or production process that could trigger our customers allergies. We give our customers with allergies  the opportunity to enjoy yummy cookies without taking any risks and we ensure others have easy access to delicious cookies!

 What we do 

The owner Veronica started due to her severe nut allergy, and not being able to enjoy delicious cookies without an allergen contamination risk.  After her son developed an intolerance to Gluten and Dairy she began making the now gluten free vegan cookie line. So out of necessity for her and her son she started the company and prides herself with sharing delicious cookies in several unique seasonal and regular flavors for all cookie lovers!

 Who we are 



Nicole W.

"Love the cookies!! We got lemon, cookie&cream, confetti, sweet & salty, and strawberry. Also one other flavor I cannot remember right now but they're all good. The store owner/worker were also very friendly and welcoming. I'll definitely be back."

5 Stars


 Delivery available Through 

We deliver free afternoon local delivery for all orders. We also offer delivery through these services! 

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****Due to order customizations, please submit requests at least 24 hours before time of event, and we will get back to you as soon as we can! ****

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